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The Chronicle - Reading, MA

Retail & Mixed Use

Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture

Allen & Major Associates, Inc. provided land survey, civil engineering, and landscape architectural services for a boutique mixed-use development at 531 Main Street.  Home of the former “Chronicle Building”, this ground-up, mixed-use development features three stories of residential, below-level
parking, and 700 SF ground-level retail space.  The site design maximizes the use of a tight urban parcel.  Stormwater was a focus for this project as there was no existing drainage infrastructure. A&M introduced an underground infiltration system to promote groundwater recharge. The system was designed to take the clean roof runoff from the new building and infiltrate the water quality volume before discharge to the municipal system.  Permitted under the Downtown Smart Growth District (DSGD) 40R Application.