About Us

The company began as Allen & Demujian in 1973 but officially became Allen & Major Associates, Inc. in 1990.  We have over four decades of know-how and experience in the development industry and that level of experience allows us to be extremely competent at all aspects of site development.  We provide our clients with a single source for their project design and development needs and we help our clients see better results by utilizing state-of-the-art means and methods to lower project costs, eliminate schedule delays and anticipate site opportunities and constraints. A belief in minimizing environmental impacts drives our design approach and allows us to incorporate sustainable practices into the esthetics as well as the nuts and bolts of engineering design.



Bottom Line

A&M is able to offer a single source for your development needs.  Because A&M is able to provide multiple disciplines in-house, our clients don't have to bounce from consultant to consultant.  This not only saves on repetitive overhead costs, but on time.  And let's face it, time is money.


Outstanding Team

We employ an outstanding group of professionals that can provide state of the art design as well as unparalleled technical knowledge. Our talented and energetic staff is passionate about real estate development as well as providing unequaled service to our clients.  A&M has become a stand out in the engineering industry by enlisting some of the best and brightest engineers, landscape architects, environmental consultants and land surveyors as part of our team.


Core Values

We understand intimately the challenges that accompany site development no matter what the scale or cost of a project, therefore we aren’t just about production, we take great pride in building lasting relationships by providing the expertise that our clients expect, coupled with the outstanding service that our clients appreciate.

Our Philosophy

Allen & Major Associates

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, timely and cost effective engineering and surveying services to our clients as well as safe and environmentally sensitive designs to the public and our community.

Our Principals

  • Timothy J. Williams, PE
    Tim Williams, PE serves as Principal-in-Charge of the Woburn Civil Engineering Division.  Tim’s extensive background includes planning, design and...
  • Robert P. Clarke, PLA
    Robert Clarke, PLA, ASLA serves as Principal-in-Charge of both civil engineering and landscape architectural projects.  Bob’s approach to site development...