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Amherst Medical Center - Amherst, NH


Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering

A 11,300 square foot medical building located on a 5.9-acre parcel within the General Office District of Amherst, NH.  Built in partnership with Southern NH Medical Center, the project required two zoning variances in order to accommodate the building program.  The project was the first in town to file under the recently adopted Wetlands Conditional Use Permit and was successfully granted both Site Plan approval and Conditional Use Permits.

The site development posed several significant challenges including steep grades, shallow ledge, wetland areas, restrictive zoning, and elevated water table. The steep grades, wetlands, and shallow ledge were mitigated by proper siting of the building and use of a small retaining wall.  Stormwater runoff was mitigated using an infiltration system located below the parking area.  Without access to Town water and sewer, A&M designed an on-site subsurface sewage disposal system and an on-site well to handle the unique needs of a medical office.