Civil Engineering | Land Survey | Environmental Consulting | Landscape Architecture


"The great liability of the engineer compared to men of other professions is that his works are out in the open where all can see them".
Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States

Land Surveying

Commercial Land Survey/NH Commercial and Residential Land Survey

Our land survey divisions offer commercial engineering land surveys for public and private development. The technology used to gather information includes hands on traditional surveying, global positioning systems, geographic information systems (GIS), and total stations. We also offer residential survey services within the New Hampshire market.

Civil Engineering

Civil Site Engineering and Consulting Services

Our civil engineering and site design professionals offer services for the built environment from concept through design. A&M provides site design services to both public and private sector clients for a large range of projects including commercial, multi-family residential, healthcare, corporate, hospitality, pharmaceutical/biotech and senior/assisted living.

Environmental Consulting

Jurisdictional Delineations, Permitting and Mitigation

A&M's in-depth knowledge of local resources paired with our thorough understanding of the detailed ordinances at all levels of government allows us to facilitate timely permit approvals. We are able to effectively evaluate project options and identify strategies to meet development goals while meeting our responsibilities as stewards of the natural environment and its resources.

Landscape Architecture

Modern, workable and enduring landscapes.

A&M's in-house landscape architecture team works in conjunction with our civil engineers to provide planning, design, preservation and rehabilitation of the natural and built environments for both the urban and rural markets. Our team approach on projects allows us to provide development solutions while preserving our roles as environmental stewards.

Construction Services

Construction Documents, Administration, Observations, Construction Layout and Foundation Certifications

A&M's construction services are available to co-coordinate the design, procurement, construction and administration of any project. Our goal is to optimize project scheduling to ensure timely delivery, minimize possible delays and enhance the overall project design and quality.