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Convenient MD - Belmont, NH


Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering

Convenient MD is a 5,300± square foot urgent care clinic located in Belmont, NH at the intersection of US Route 3 (Daniel Webster Highway) and Ladd Hill Road.  The project first required a subdivision to create a new 1.4 acre parcel for the project.  Based on the preliminary designs, it was clear that earthwork was going to be a major factor in the design and layout of the site.  In order to minimize the amount of earthwork, A&M pursued and received a variance to the 50-foot front yard setback allowing the building to be placed within 15-feet of the front yard.  This allowed the entire project to be shifted away from the largest cut area on the site.  However, there was still a substantial amount of earthwork required to accommodate the project.  Towards the rear of the site was a 30-foot cut with steep slopes.  In order to meet the Client’s objectives for a vegetated slope and avoid erosion, A&M used a polymer bonding agent within the hydro-mulch applied to the slope to provide slope stabilization without the need for geotextiles or rip-rap.  Stormwater Management was addressed using a subsurface detention system comprised of aluminized steel corrugated pipe.  The pre-manufactured pipe detention system was assembled on site in about one day.