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Dave & Buster’s – Woburn, MA

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Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering

Dave & Buster's is a 40,211 square foot entertainment complex located along Interstate 95/ Route 128 in Woburn, MA.  Dave & Buster's selected the Mishawum site due to the high visibility from one of the busiest highway corridors in the Commonwealth.  The challenges to siting the building in this location included limited space available for parking, close proximity to residential uses, working adjacent to a State and Federal Highway, and municipal utility capacity concerns.

A&M worked with the development team to create innovative solutions for each of the development constraints and public concerns regarding the development.  The parking constraint was mitigated by constructing a podium style building with 100 parking spaces below.  The site supported 282 spaces and a parking easement was created on the adjacent parcel for an additional 104 parking spaces.  All together approximately 500 parking spaces were created for the building, which has a maximum occupancy of 1,750 persons.

A&M’s landscape architect used a combination of site grading, solid fencing, and planting screens to provide a buffer to the nearby residential dwellings.  Shielded light fixtures ensured that site lighting remained on the Dave & Buster's site.

Because the site is located along the State Highway, all stormwater runoff was required to remain on-site.  A&M designed several stormwater infiltration systems using large diameter aluminized corrugated metal pipe, which proved to be the most efficient and cost effective solution.

This is only the second Dave & Buster’s in the state and as the largest to date, Lisa Warren, VP of Development Services at Dave & Buster’s needed a solid engineering team.   “We would not be up and open without you on this project! Many, many thanks.  You were one of the strongest partners that I've worked with and would be happy to tell others”.