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Google – Cambridge, MA

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A&M’s Land Survey Division was selected by Boston Properties to complete an Existing Conditions and Utility Survey for the new Google office across the street from the Broad Institute in Kendall Square, in the heart of Cambridge’s’ high tech community. Officially it is Google’s second largest office east of the Mississippi River. The completed survey provided the blue print for which the 300,000 square foot office was created. Three buildings, totaling 12 floors are linked by a connector bridges. The property is bounded by Main Street, Ames Street and Broadway.

Surveying such a tight site in the heart of a bustling urban area posed a few challenges for the survey crews. Kevin Kiernan, Principal in Charge of Land Survey at A&M believes his team is one of the best in the business. “My crews are some of the longest tenured employees here at A&M, they are seasoned professionals who understand how to gather and decipher information no matter what is around them, over or under them. They always get the job done.”