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Herring Cove Beach - Provincetown, MA

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In partnership with Classic Site Solutions, Inc. and the National Park Service, US Department of the Interior, A&M provided land survey and engineering support to relocate Province Lands Road and the north parking lot.   In the past decade, winter storms have torn up pavement and covered parking spaces with vast amounts of sand.  The infrastructure issues were affecting the tourism economy and the constant repairs were also taking a financial toll. 

The parking lot was moved approximately 330’ easterly away from the water edge and the road was relocated approximately 200’ easterly.  The design included an isolated bike path, new vault toilet facility, over 12 accessible parking spaces and 5 accessible paths to the beach. 

During construction of the project, a new fast-paced erosion “hot spot” developed so the roadway needed to be shifted inland.  That coupled with the government shutdown affected the project timeline.  The development team made extraordinary efforts to ensure that the project stayed on schedule. The team beat expectations and the roadway will be opened to traffic on and in time for Memorial Day Weekend. 

The finishing touches are being completed on and around the parking lot and should be finished by the end of June. Funding for this $3.3 million project came from the National Park Service Line Item Construction program.