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Parcel G - Marlborough, MA

Commercial & Industrial

Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Landscape Architecture

A&M provided land surveying, civil engineering, environmental/resource area permitting, and landscape architectural services for the development of a one-story 167,000 SF warehouse building situated at 150 Hayes Memorial Drive in both Northborough and Marlborough,  Massachusetts.  Working within two municipalities, A&M prepared stormwater design, utility layout, landscaping, and permitting documents.  Extensive environmental permitting was required through the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, and an Environmental Notification Form was filed with MEPA. Special considerations were made for the protection of a Natural Heritage state-listed endangered species on the site.
The project included an amendment to an existing Conservation Management Permit, which dedicated over 30-acres of open space on-site as a conservation restriction area.  Site challenges included poor soils, balancing the cut/fill of a large site with varying topography, and incorporating the Client’s program layout while balancing the environmental considerations on-site.