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St. Mary's High School STEM- Lynn, MA

Academic & Student Housing

Services: Civil Engineering, Construction Services

A&M provided civil engineering services for the development of a STEM Lab and Gateway Building addition at the St. Mary’s High School Campus in Lynn, MA.    The phased project included a 3-story main entry and classroom addition (otherwise known as the Gateway Building). Phase 1 was the steam to hot water conversion of the heating system; Phase 2 of the Building Futures Project was the demolition of the Chapel and Annex Building and the Boiler Plant. This space was transformed with the new building and includes green space, parking, and additional learning opportunities.  Parking and pedestrian access designs were developed, along with utility and lighting design, and the associated site improvements.  A big component was to address grading issues as they relate to ADA access to the 135-year-old campus.  Upgrades to the storm sewer drainage infrastructure integrated portions of the existing system to provide an economical solution for the drainage improvements, yet still met current engineering standards.  Construction oversight was provided as needed throughout the project, however, an extraordinary amount of coordination with the contractor in the field, the owner, and the landscape architecture team regarding the existing infrastructure on-site that was unable to be removed or altered was required as all these elements needed to be designed around.

Building rendering by CBT Architects

Landscape Architecture by Chelgen & Associates