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The Center At Innovation Drive – Tewksbury, MA

Office Park & Corporate

Services: Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture

The former home of Wang Laboratories, and most recently 495 Business Center, the property has undergone a $35 million dollar renovation and rebranding.  The property offers in demand office and flex space in four connected buildings.  Each building was designed as modern and collaborative spaces with on-site amenities that would appeal to best-in class companies.  CID is currently pursuing LEED certification.

The aesthetic appeal of the property was enhanced with the introduction of approximately $300,000 in new plant material and irrigation as part of an overall visual and operational upgrade of the entire site.  A wide landscaped median, heavily planted with a mix of evergreen, deciduous and flowering trees and shrubs, partially obscures a National Grid high tension power line that traverses the property and creates a more focused experience for the user.  Transition zones between the various buildings and associated parking areas were also heavily planted to provide both a visual separation and provide lush green spaces that was otherwise lacking prior to construction.

The outdoor patio/café area designed as part of an extension with the buildings cafeteria has proved quite popular with tenants.  The inclusion of field stone retaining walls, granite landings and large caliper trees help to keep the space cool and provide softness to the modern façade.  A large earthen landform, heavily planted with large evergreen trees, was incorporated between the patio and the facility loading area and is imperceptible to those enjoying the exterior spaces.  The design and use of various color unit pavers was specifically selected to blend with the interior cafeteria flooring and has subsequently been selected by the paver manufacturer to be used in their 2018 product catalog.