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Tidewater At Salisbury - Salisbury, MA

Multi-family Residential

Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture

A&M is providing Land Survey, Civil and Structural Engineering and Landscape Architecture services for this project located on Beach Road in Salisbury, MA.  The site once housed a recreational amusement center, including miniature golf course, go-kart track, batting cages and ice cream stand.  A good portion of the site was paved with the remainder covered in a combination of scrub brush and grass.

The redevelopment consists of four (4) individual residential buildings with a total of 210-units, a club house, and in-ground pool. Each building has three (3) wood framed floors supported by a steel and concrete framed first floor “podium” over a  below grade parking garage. The foundations for the buildings, pool and site structures were conventional reinforced concrete elements supported by grouted and un-grouted rammed aggregate piers driven through the various unsuitable soils that existed due to the site’s proximity to the ocean and tidal marshes.

Extensive permitting included a Fill Permit Application with the Salisbury Board of Selectman, MassDOT State Highway Access Permit Application (plans and coordination) and a National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Construction General Permit.

The stormwater management system for the project included both open and closed type drainage features.  Stormwater throughout the site is collected via either deep sump hooded catch basins and/or roof leaders which discharge to one of several extended detention stormwater basins throughout the site.  These basins flow through treatment swales prior to exiting the site.  The largest of these basins is located within the center of the development and encircled by a walking path.  Several low flow channels are visible within the basin along with wetland style plants at the apex to enhance the treatment potential.

Building A is complete and almost completely occupied.  Interior fit-up is currently underway on Building B & C and the building exterior is being completed on building D which is a combination of cultured stone, cementitious siding and vinyl trim.

A&M is providing construction documents and administration support throughout the project.