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Town Place Suites/Eastern Ave – Chelsea, MA

Hospitality & Entertainment

Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering

A&M in partnership with ProCon, Inc. has provided land survey, civil engineering design, permitting and landscape architectural services for this five (5) story, 140-unit hotel project. The building is located at the corner of Eastern Ave. and Central St. with associated parking and landscape areas occupying the remainder of the site. The hotel has a footprint of 15,786 square feet and a gross floor area of 71,626 square feet. The parking area is located adjacent to the hotel and expands throughout the southwest portion of the site, totaling sixty four (64) parking spaces.

Due to the building size the project is considered a major commercial project and required a Special Permit and Major Site Plan Review. Six waivers for specific zoning requirement were granted during the Special Permit process. A MassDOT Access Permit was required for work within Eastern Avenue and an MWRA 8(m) permit was required for proximity to existing 54” and 60” brick sewer trunk line which required extensive vibration monitoring during installation of geo-pier foundation system.