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University Edge Apartments - Durham, NH

Academic & Student Housing

Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture

This unique redevelopment project is providing much-needed housing for students attending the University of New Hampshire. Multi-disciplined services include land survey, civil engineering and landscape architectural design.

Located in the heart of downtown Durham, the project preserves the historic character of Main Street and meets the land planning vision of the Town.  The entire project area is comprised of only 1.09± acres of land and houses six buildings.  The design challenge was to renovate and utilize two existing historic buildings currently located on the site while incorporating the Town’s commercial space requirements, and the Client’s residential density requirements, all on such a very small parcel of land.  The final design provides 52 full amenity apartments with 179 beds, and 8,800 square feet (sf) of commercial space.  The project is a working example of compact design, highlighted by the mixing of residential and commercial to promote walkable communities. 

Best Management Practices utilized include rain gardens, roof drains, and porous pavers to infiltrate all of the on-site stormwater.  This project received the PlanNHMerit Award in 2016.