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Wahlburgers - Springfield, MA

Hospitality & Entertainment

Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering

A&M provided land surveying and civil engineering services for the newly constructed Wahlburgers restaurant located at 1028 Main Street in Springfield, MA.  The project features a 4,500 square foot restaurant with 1,600 s.f. enclosed outdoor seating area.  The restaurant is a standalone building located in the northeast corner of the 13.41 acre MGM Springfield campus.  A&M’s Land Survey division performed a Property Line and Existing Conditions Survey, which was used as the base plan for the site development.  Civil design services included perimeter sidewalk grading, drainage, utility design, a new dumpster pad, and minor alterations to the abutting MGM parking lot and sidewalk. The overall MGM Springfield Casino stormwater management was designed to handle future development within the area and including the new construction at 1028 Main Street.