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Walmart Supercenter – Saugus, MA

Retail & Mixed Use

Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Environmental Consulting

The 119,741 square foot store is located at 770 Broadway (Route 1 Northbound). The Walmart project is part of an overall 17-acre site development plan. The store, which will feature both general merchandise and groceries, will be a unique and first of its kind design. The store is being constructed as an elevated structure placed on concrete pillars allowing for below-grade parking. The unique design will allow for a larger buffer zone to the surrounding wetlands on the site.  A&M worked extensively with the Town of Saugus Conservation Commission to preserve the existing wetlands and provided over 30,000 square feet of wetland replication to support any and all wildlife that would naturally inhabit the area.

A&M also provided landscape architecture and land surveying services including easement and title consultation, existing conditions plans, off-site water line survey and survey of the off-site acceleration/deceleration lanes on Route 1 which required shutting down portions of busy Route 1.

The site was originally permitted in 2007 just at the start of the economic downturn. Despite the potential that the site might remain undeveloped, the decision was made to move forward and prep the site to be pad ready for any prospective tenants or potential new buyers. In order to get the site pad ready, over 360,000 cubic yards of rock was blasted, crushed and processed on-site. The then processed material was used as a sub-base for runway expansion at Logan Airport.

In total the project permits included; Site Plan Review Special Permit, Notice of Intent, Hillside Protection, Orders of Conditions, Pump Station Permit, Environmental Impact Reports, Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA) Notice of Project Change, and Massachusetts Highway Access and Curb Cut permits.