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Infiniti Of Nashua- Nashua, NH

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Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering

The Infiniti of Nashua project is a re-development of an existing auto dealership located at 11
Marmon Drive in Nashua, NH. The 5.5-acre site previously was used for the Infiniti vehicle service
center while vehicle sales were handled at a separate location. Infiniti of Nashua wanted to
consolidate the two sites and provide both sales and service at a single location. They also wanted to update the facilities to meet the current Corporate Infiniti requirements. In order to fulfill the
development vision, A&M provided land surveying, civil engineering, environmental consulting and
landscape architecture services.

The project permitting required Site Plan review through the City of Nashua Planning Board. The
property is bifurcated by the residential and highway business zone line. Due to the close proximity
of the abutting residential dwellings, A&M incorporated design features to minimize impact and
facilitate the local approval process. Items such as landscape screening, fencing, targeted lighting
photo metrics, and stormwater management were all intentionally designed to minimize impact to
the surrounding neighborhood. The result was a unanimous approval from the Planning Board and
a satisfied neighborhood contingency.

A&M also designed the site incompliance with the NH DES Alteration of Terrain requirements and
successfully permitted the project at the State level as well. Specific stormwater management
measures include water quality units, subsurface infiltration chambers, and an operation and
maintenance plan. Special care was taken to incorporate the Infiniti Corporate standards for colors,
paving materials, and site features. The project also required approval through the NH DES
groundwater bureau due to the installation of underground storage tanks for clean and waste
automotive fluids.