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Strata Apartments - Malden, MA

Master Planning & Landscape Architecture

Services: Landscape Architecture

Cliffside Commons of Malden went through an extensive renovation to become Strata Apartments.  The large two-story plaza through the building was dark, windy and underutilized.  After the renovation, ADA parking was moved to create an accessible entrance and a more open and light feel to the plaza.  Modern seating, a firepit, light sandy colored hardscape pavers, and modern exterior lighting created a luxury lounge space.  The plaza leads to the inside courtyard patio where a grilling station, high top tables, brightly colored soft couches, and an outdoor fireplace was added.  The continuity of pavers as well as a white pergola for shade accents the fireplace area.  There is a built-in bar area and an outdoor TV.  The pool fence and gate were pulled back closer to the pool deck where new furniture and resurfaced decking create an inviting space.