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Jefferson Park Federal - Cambridge, MA

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Jefferson Park Federal is a federally-assisted multi-family community in North Cambridge adjacent to Jefferson Park State.  The project involved the demolition and reconstruction to create 108 units within six buildings.  The original development was built on a former brick manufacturing site with a water filled clay pit. It was completed as a phased project. Phase 1 demolition, Phase 2 construction. 

The underlying soils made the main issues sewer and stormwater drainage deficiencies. Extensive mitigation was required and designed by way of permeable pavement, while underground detention was disguised under green space.  Complex utility relocation and coordination was required. 

Work is currently underway to re-develop Jefferson Park State, another existing affordable housing complex adjacent to Federal into 104 units.   Design work includes utility relocation, sewer and stormwater mitigation, improved ADA access and the creation of a more pedestrian friendly neighborhood.