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Taj Estates - Stoughton, MA

Multi-family Residential

Services: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Construction Services

Taj Estates, formerly known as Woodbridge Crossing, is a 179-unit apartment project comprised of five buildings spread out over twenty-four acres of land in Stoughton, MA.  The project was designed and permitted under the Massachusetts Comprehensive Permit Act: Chapter 40B.  A&M successfully navigated the permitting process, which included Zoning Board of Appeals approval under the Comprehensive Permit Act and Conservation Commission approval for work within the 100-foot buffer zone of a wetland, floodplain alteration, and wetland filling and replication.  The project included extensive off-site improvements to Central Street, including lane widening, re-alignment of an intersection, and the installation of a traffic signal at the front entrance to the site.  The site layout and grading were optimized to reduce earthwork and the overall disturbance to the site.  Stormwater was managed using a combination of subsurface and surface systems to minimize cost and maintenance requirements.  The end result is a thriving community in place of the previous vacant deteriorating industrial use.